Sex, politics, and puppetry are alive and well in

William Shakespeare’s Measure 4 Measure (Abridged)


Directors:  Kelly Russell & Alison Frost

Technical Director/Designer:  Kevin Loeffler 


5 actors from Texas A&M University—Corpus Christi present 15 characters in 55 minutes in what is sure to have the Bard howling from his 400 year-old grave.  It’s the year of Shakespeare, so measure your laughs with Lucio, Pompey, Angelo, Isabella, and the rest of this merry band of oversexed misfits.  Audience participation requested.  



Vienna--at a time when Duke Vincentio re-instates an old law against lechery and pre-marital fornication.  Poor Claudio seems destined for the chopping block, but can a series of concupiscible misfits save his life?